Joseph: Saved from Suicide, an Ocean Away

This is how the Lord used Global Media Outreach to save a life: a young man from Kenya was rescued from suicide by an American woman from Illinois – while she was still in her own living room.

Joseph had lost his employment and felt he was losing everything when he could no longer provide for his family. Desperate, he contemplated suicide. Joseph had no friends who could see him through the tough time, who could really minister to his heart’s needs, who would not tell him to “just get over it.”

His life had turned upside-down: with no money for rent, they were facing eviction and had no food. Joseph prepared to commit suicide using pesticide, but lacked the bus fare to travel far enough to avoid burdening others with burying his body. This was to be his second suicide attempt.

He describes his darkness: “Living made no sense. I suffered a strange anguish that plunged me into a sea of despair and desperation. I couldn't sleep, passing the night hours awake. Everything lost its taste, and nothing made sense anymore.”

Although he had found the Word of God online with Global Media Outreach a year before and received discipleship, the spirit of depression left him incapable of seeing God’s grace without trained guidance. He told his original Global Media Outreach contact about his plan.

Right after he prepared the poison, he received his first email from Online Missionary Jane, an OM trained to deal with people in deep, suicidal depression. Because of the timing, he wondered if someone could see him – and Someone could! The Spirit of God spoke through Jane, straight to Joseph’s heart.

He could understand his need for Jesus, and God helped him to see reality more clearly. He understood that “Jesus died on the cross for me and freely offers me His grace.” He credits Jane with rescuing him from death. He begged her, “Please pray for me to overcome this feeling!”

During the first week of their communication, God allowed Joseph to see the fruit of their prayers and God’s “hope of tomorrow.” But it takes time to heal; Joseph wrote, “Please, I beg you, continue praying for me and sending emails!” During the day, he would wonder why he’d wanted to commit suicide; but at night, the urge to end it all would return.

Yet Joseph saw God begin “great things” in his life.

Over the next few months, he began to feel stronger, but the thought of committing suicide was disturbingly persistent in the late-night hours. In weaker moments, he would worry that Jane would lose hope and tire of praying for him. Even so, Joseph declared his hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will make him emotionally stable.

Joseph can’t praise God enough for sending Jane to him as His “angel messenger.” He knows he might never meet her in person, but said she is chosen by God to proclaim the eternal Gospel to him in his suffering. Every day, he hears the Good News of the Gospel in her emails. He says her emails always come at just the right time: “it seems you know when I feel low. You have saved my life through your prayer to God.”

Although his story will have a happy ending, Joseph still struggles. God continues to use Jane to encourage him in his Christian walk. Because of this outreach, Joseph – who once felt without friends and almost ended his life – can testify to the steadfastness and loyalty of God's Word. Jesus is his Friend who will always be closer than a brother: a Friend for life and a Friend for living.

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