Haya's Story

A new world

Exiled, alone, lost and confused. Haya wandered the winding streets of a country she now calls home, but not of her own choosing. Uncertain at which steps to take next or which new voices to believe and follow, Haya finally vowed to use her new start at life as a way to explore her faith in a way she had never done before.

Finding Jesus

Being a refugee in Turkey made it difficult to establish a comfortable life, and this burdened Haya as she went about her business each day in the city of Ankara. Since her youth, Haya practiced her Muslim faith out of respect for her family, but recently she started to explore the claims of Christianity. Viewing it from her perspective, Haya contemplated the Christian community as both a world that drew her heart and a realm that fogged her mind with doubt.

While roaming the Internet one afternoon, Haya viewed an advertisement that asked her what she thought about Christianity. Upon clicking on it, she was sent to a Global Media Outreach website and instantly became invested in the story of Jesus it presented. 

Her doubts began to evaporate as she began to digest more and more of the truth of Christianity, and she soon made the decision to follow Jesus. 

Haya’s gleeful expression of her newfound dedication to Christ beautifully reflects Romans 10:9, as seen in her declaration to her Online Missionary, Dan: “But now I confess with my mouth that he is Lord and raised from the dead by God to save us. I believe it in my heart.” 

Growing in the Lord

Haya also received many blessings from her correspondence with Dan, who not only poured biblical wisdom and encouragement into her life but also helped her overcome continued struggles with the difficulties of her past and counseled Haya through several strange and terrifying dreams she experienced. 

Haya’s story proves to us how strong the truth of the Gospel is in the face of doubts and unfortunate circumstances, and it shows us the power of online Gospel presentations to be the tipping point in a person’s life. 

Haya has never been the same because of her decision, and though she may still live as a refugee and “outcast” in the world, she lives securely as a child of God above any painful situation.

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