Harsha & Betty: from Desperation to Hope

How does God take someone from a state of hopelessness and cause them to become a vibrant Christian witness to their world? Harsha, from Sri Lanka, is one who experienced God’s miraculous power of transformation.

Harsha was desperate for answers to life’s questions. His mother had died when he was quite young. He was in the midst of deep pain due to a breakup with his girlfriend, whose parents did not permit their relationship. He was also having trouble finding and keeping good employment.

When he discovered God’s love through a Global Media Outreach website, his life underwent an incredible revolution. He began an intense mentoring process with Betty, his Online Missionary, who was astounded by the growth she saw in Harsha. He started attending a Bible-teaching church where he received further godly instruction.

He has developed his secular life also, having secured stable employment; his English skills have improved, as well. However, he remains focused on God’s Kingdom and is a vibrant witness in his community!

Harsha showed his appreciation for Betty’s mentoring by naming her his godmother; Betty calls him “my true son in the Lord Jesus.” God took Harsha from a time of desperation to time of great rejoicing and hope in his new life with the Lord.

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