Global Media Outreach is a 'reason for optimism'

Our commitment to online missions has remained unchanged for the past 12 years. We believe it is the best way to reach the whole world and complete the Great Commission.

Even in the midst of difficult times, there is optimism for humanity. This comes from the knowledge that the Lord has a plan to return again and restore perfection to the Earth.

Along those same lines, Dr. Jim Denison, founder of the daily column ‘Denison Forum on Truth and Culture,’ recently released a short booklet called ‘Half-full or hopeful?: Five reasons for optimism in a pessimistic day’.

In it, he mentioned online missions, and Global Media Outreach specifically, as a reason to be optimistic about the state of Christianity. Here’s what he had to say:

“In addition, the Holy Spirit is using the Internet to advance the global Kingdom. So-called ‘cybermissions’ are reaching people in countries where missionaries are not permitted to work or even live. Online ministries are penetrating across Europe and into secular nations such as Japan. And they are reaching Muslims around the world.

One example is Global Media Outreach (GMO), a ministry that has shared the gospel more than 1.5 billion times and registered more than 167 million indicated decisions for Christ in the last twelve years. They are reaching thousands of Muslims every day with the good news of God's love. The Holy Spirit is using GMO and other ministries to take the gospel across the Internet and into hearts around the world.”

Do you want to know how online missions are impacting the world through Global Media Outreach? Visit, and see people come to Jesus in real time.

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