Frank: Online Missionary Ministers to Thousands

Frank has been a born-again believer since 1951 when he was 15. He learned the joy of service to the Lord very early in his Christian experience, but did not have a leading to enter seminary. He considered missionary work, but instead was led to minister organically in the U.S., wherever God has presented the opportunity.

When he retired in 2005, he wanted to find an avenue that could give him the chance to minister to more people and in more profound ways than ever before. A friend told Frank that he had shared the Gospel with more than 1,000 people in less than a year through Global Media Outreach. Frank jumped at the chance to have so dramatic an impact and soon became an Online Missionary volunteer.

Since August 2009, God has let Frank share the Gospel with and minister to more than 8,000 people in many places – from Africa and the Middle East, to India and the Philippines. As of January 2013, Frank was in contact with more than 3,200 people for discipleship. He ministers in English, to contacts mainly from Ghana, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines; others are from the States and other English-language countries.

Knowing God called the seekers to Global Media Outreach’s websites, where they requested follow-up, Frank uses his OM opportunity to keep the Word of God before their eyes, in their inbox. If someone who contacts him does not know the Lord, it might be the day they are ready to listen to Him! And sometimes believers need to be reminded of God’s love.

Frank makes sure to respond to each incoming email within a day; so on any given day, he sends 75 to 125 emails. They are mostly templates, so it takes only about two or three hours. He usually tackles his OM work in the morning, after a time in the Word and prayer. He often finds himself sharing the Word of God in his pajamas: “What a privilege; thank God for this technology!”

Although Frank uses Global Media Outreach’s technology, he has personalized the ministry by creating 50 to 75 templates that deal with the need for salvation with different illustrations and on topics like prayer, worship, sex, marriage, employment, and more. He has gathered a team of friends who pray for his contacts with him. He encourages his contacts to translate and/or pass along the information he shares with them. A few of his people have even asked to become OMs themselves – what a wonderful sign of growth!

Frank encourages fellow Christians to consider this as their personal ministry. As a senior citizen, he knows many of his friends, like himself, want to keep their minds – and hearts – active. Frank is grateful for God’s promises about proclaiming His living Word!

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