Doha: A Teen’s Secret Witness During Ramadan

How many times do we let fear stop our witness? How boldly would you proclaim Christ if you were in a land where converted from Islam is a crime punishable by murder?

15-year-old Doha had been taught her whole life that Jesus was just a prophet, but her boyfriend was a Christian and so was his entire family. Although they really cared about each other, they broke up when his parents objected to Doha, who was a Muslim.

Naturally, Doha was troubled at the breakup, yet she was impressed that the young man was devoted enough to this God to give her up for his faith. She began “trying to figure out my purpose here on earth” and searched online for answers.

Wanting to know more about the Jesus her former boyfriend followed, she saw the Gospel on a Global Media Outreach website and wrote

"I want to figure out how to have a better relationship with God.”

It didn’t take long for God to work in her heart. After a few weeks of talking with her Online Missionary, Lisa, Doha decided that she wanted to receive Christ.

Doha’s parents saw her reading her Bible and didn't object. Nevertheless, she was worried about what they might think of her transformation. Lisa continued praying for Doha.

After a few months, Doha’s parents took their family on an extended vacation in Morocco for Ramadan and fasting. She too would have to fast, but hers would be for Jesus.

In her young faith, under familial pressure, Doha was really undergoing trials in standing for her faith. Lisa prayed that God would guide Doha so she would know when to speak and when to hold her tongue. She also wanted God to keep her safe from persecution.

Knowing of honor killings of Westernized teens, Lisa prayed and prayed until Doha wrote that she’d returned home.

Doha, now 16, is a precious Christian, learning to walk with Christ in secret. This young girl, a new Christian converted from Islam, had the boldness to stand for Christ during Ramadan in Morocco. The Holy Spirit knows no limitations!

You can make sure the Gospel is available online for people like Doha, who don't have a family who believes. Give today.

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