Colleen: Overcoming Rape with Redemption

Wounded. Broken. Ruined.

Who could ever love her after what the man had done to her?

How could she ever trust anyone again, after this supposed “friend of the family” had violated her, over and over again? How could she find someone to help her piece her shattered life back together?

Was life even worth living?

Afraid, depressed, and losing hold of emotional stability, Colleen reached out for help on through her cell phone before overdosing on pills in an attempt at suicide.

She survived, and at the hospital, her Online Missionary, Ada, was able to convince her to get counseling and to tell her mother about what was happening.

Before connecting with Ada, Colleen had no one to talk to about her experiences. She didn’t know how to trust people. She was broken, spiritually and emotionally, from the abuse.

She needed to know that God loved her...and support from people like you helped Colleen learn that God did love her, no matter what.

Now, Colleen has recommitted her life to Christ. And because of her friendship with Ada, Colleen has chosen to continue counseling. Her counselor is helping her work through her pain so she can heal and gain courage to have the man arrested. She even felt well enough to return to college.

At age 23, Colleen is getting stronger. She's growing in her walk with the Lord and is learning to trust others. She's more involved in church and is developing the strength to get past her pain.

Colleen has learned to stay strong spiritually and has developed a deeper trust in God because of her friendship with Ada.

Healed. Redeemed. Valued. Loved.

Colleen now knows she is one of God's precious daughters...thanks to people like you.

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