China – Harvest Initiative and East-West Ministries

At Global Media Outreach, one of our goals is to partner with organizations that help connect seekers to a local body of believers. One of those believers is Mrs. Wu who is connected with the Harvest Initiative.

Partnerships are formed with people like Mrs. Wu and organizations like the Harvest Initiative, a ministry of East-West Ministries, with the goal of helping connect our seekers with a strong body of believers in their communities.

Mrs. Wu has transformed her community by unashamedly sharing the Gospel and starting a church for young people, even though her city is one whose police question Christians when they are caught sharing the Gospel.

When four young orphans needed care, Mrs. Wu brought them all into her house as if they were her own children, taught them to pray and they have all grown greatly in God’s character.

Through people like Mrs. Wu, faithful servants of Jesus Christ, the eternal destiny of an entire community can be affected.

We took a recent trip to Asia, and Mrs. Wu shared how the Lord has answered her prayers in reaching young people for Christ. Many of the church members attending Mrs. Wu’s home church found one of Global Media Outreach’s Gospel websites, got connected with the Harvest Initiative team and began attending the church on weekly basis.          


Together with other ministries like the Harvest Initiative and East-West Ministries, we can reach the whole world with the Good News, grow local churches around the world and hear more amazing stories of God’s salvation.

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