Beatrice: Discipleship for a Widow

Beatrice became a widow at 27. Living in Uganda without her husband gave her a difficult life. Now, 12 years after her husband's death, Beatrice and her three children were struggling with poverty and mediocre health.

It was hard to have joy in the middle of so much trouble, but she tried. She served others and worked hard to give her kids a chance at a better life.

As she searched for new ways to make life better, she saw a Global Media Outreach site. It sparked her interest and she reached out for help.

Steve, an Online Missionary, responded to her and began teaching her about every topic he could think of. Beatrice started growing in faith. Steve had so much wisdom, Beatrice thought he must be a pastor! He let her know he isn't a pastor, but she continues to refer to him by that title.

“Pastor Steve and his wife, Catherine, have been so dear to me and my children, praying for us in their daily prayer."

The lessons she learned through Steve and Catherine were changing her life for the better. She found joy even though all of her problems were still there.

Amidst all this sadness, your site has blessed me and my children so much. When I open my inbox, the first thing I look for is your email. I'm always very grateful for every piece of information you send me. It always comes at the right time, when I really need encouragement and comfort. I thank God for Pastor Steve and the whole team! May God richly bless you."

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