Global Media Outreach — A Model for Online Missions

Research has shown that millions of people search the Internet every day for God, spiritual guidance and hope. GMO is using this tool to bring the Good News of Jesus to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. GMO began building a model for online evangelism, discipleship and connection back in 2004 with a site called Passion of the Christ and from there created websites in multiple languages, interest areas and events.

"We believe that our Lord desires to use the growing influence and power of the internet to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with men, women and young people around the world. We thank Him for the many contributions of Global Media Outreach to empower churches by involving their members to become actively engaged in helping to fulfill the Great Commission through the ministry of the Internet."

—Paul Cedar Chairman, Mission America Coalition


Each day, millions of people go online searching for spiritual help. They are people in crisis: facing loneliness, addictions, suicide, abuse, divorce, hopelessness. GMO is dedicated to make sure they find the truth in Jesus. With nowhere to turn, people are turning to the Internet in astonishing numbers trying to fill the emptiness inside. Christians need to be there to meet them at their crossroads when they are most ready to listen. The work of GMO begins when seekers find one of GMO's different websites (usually through a search engine, like Google), which are in 14 major Internet trade languages. Here, visitors are exposed to the Gospel.


Thousands of people each day indicate decisions for Christ through GMO after experiencing the Gospel through text, video and audio. In 2012, GMO saw more than 26,000,000 people indicate a decision for Jesus and crossed the 195 million visitor mark for that year alone. Through its unique response system, volunteers called Online Missionaries are able to reply quickly to the thousands of emails GMO receives daily.

The system monitors and stores responses, then provides a tiered system for community leaders to manage the online missionaries in their "community". It is a trackable, safe, anonymous environment for both visitors and responders to begin a personal connection and dialogue about God.

Then the conversation continues through the work of online missionaries who follow-up with the site's visitors that request help. Whether someone has just accepted Christ, rededicated their life to God or still has questions, GMO can provide prayer, guidance and discipleship through these online missionaries.

Through GMO, online missionaries are educated and trained to meet the increasing requests for knowledge about God. The GMO system provides training, online resources for online missionaries to use when answering questions and the option to reassign emails to someone who can better answer a question, if needed.


Online resources are also available so new believers can continue to learn about God and about how to begin walking in their faith. GMO offers online Bible studies, links to local church communities and websites with next steps for the journey. GMO's discipleship offerings now include systematic studies through e-learning so that progress can be measured and tracked by the individual new believer. Each year, GMO also conducts surveys of people 6 months after they make a decision to help track their spiritual growth. Results make it clear that spiritual growth and maturity is happening with these new and recommitting believers. However, our goal is to get them into a church or Christian movement regardless of the country they live in. Our "on the ground" progress includes local GMO communications centers springing up in various countries. With the launch of GodLife.com in 2011, GMO's discipleship offerings have expanded to include connection through social media and an online community for worship, prayer, discipleship content and music.

Church Online Missions Program

GMO needs tens of thousands of Online Missionaries (OMs) to respond to those asking for help.

GMO recognizes that the church plays a vital role in online missions and connection.

The Church

Online Missions Program provides an incredible opportunity for churches to extend their evangelism and missions programs to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Seldom does a local church have the opportunity to reach this many people for Christ. As a result of their experience, Online Missionaries have shared that they have grown in faith, prayer life and have more confidence to share the Good News with seekers from around the world. While the primary role of our church partners is discipleship, GMO offers churches the opportunity to participate in expanding the evangelism reach of the ministry.