What is Global Media Outreach?

Global Media Outreach (GMO) is a non profit 501c3 Internet ministry that was formed to present the good news of Jesus Christ online. With a staff of about 70 located in Dallas (Plano), TX and Silicon Valley (San Jose), and other cities, GMO's goal is to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies with the intent to give everyone on earth multiple opportunities to know and follow Jesus Christ.

How can GMO reach people through the Internet?

Millions of people conduct searches on the Internet each day for spiritual terms or are open to seeing a gospel presentation. People are seeking answers and they are using the convenience and accessibility of the Internet to find those answers. The focus of GMO is to effectively reach the diverse range of Internet users in multiple languages. Most of GMO's visitors are directed to the sites using search engines, like Google, and through advertising on other sites.

How many people does GMO reach?

In 2012 alone, GMO presented the Gospel to over 195 million people through our different websites globally. More than 26 million people indicated a decision for Christ. Since its inception in 2004, we have seen over 88 million people indicate decisions for Jesus Christ through our websites.

How many people are on the Internet now?

Several billion Internet users are logging-on worldwide. The Internet has expanded beyond computers to any device, including cell phones, smart hand held devices and tablet computers that can be used to access information.

How does GMO know the Internet is reaching people for Christ?

Internet results are measurable on a daily basis through our own automated statistical package and through Google. Traffic to every website is measured in real time, all day, every day. Our website, GreatCommission2020.com displays in real time as people visit our sites and indicate decisions for Christ. Since, in many cases, a response to receive Christ includes an e-mail address, a trained volunteer can actually follow-up through e-mail with the new believer.

What kinds of websites are available?

Global Media Outreach has created more than 100 evangelism and discipleship sites with text, audio and video in 15 of the top Internet trade languages. Sites include basic Gospel presentations Jesus2020.com and discipleship site GodLife.com.

What about the local church?

As a way of presenting the Gospel, the Internet is one of the most efficient and effective means. The Internet can begin the journey to the foot of the cross and act as a funnel into the local church, much like the tent meetings and stadium events of the past. Presenting the Gospel is only the first step. Connecting a new believer or someone who has recommitted his life to Christ to a local church is key to helping that person grow as a Christian. Our sites provide links to help them in their search for a church in their community that suits them.

How does GMO respond to people who make decisions for Christ?

Over the past five years, GMO has developed an Online Ministry Response System. It is a process designed to respond immediately to people who make a decision for Christ. To help nurture disciples, GMO utilizes online missionaries to respond to the e-mails of seekers in order to engage them in a dialogue about God and to connect on a personal level. Online Missionaries work under Community team leaders, who are online missionaries experienced and capable of overseeing other online missionaries. Once an online missionary has received a request, he/she can respond using tools GMO has developed such as templates, an online Bible, an online questions database, etc. The system is flexible, translatable, usable from any computer in the world, and often does not take much time to respond.

Is the response system secure, and will I be protected from unwanted e-mails from people I don't even know?

It should be pointed out that the system is totally secure for both parties in that neither a seeker nor an online missionary can see each other's actual e-mail address. Both remain anonymous and fully protected through the communication process that, in some cases, can span several months.

How does GMO screen volunteers?

Volunteers must fill out the application, agree to the statement of faith, obtain references, be approved and then go through online training before they can answer e-mails. Their community leader is able to monitor their e-mails and respond if any issues arise following the volunteer's work with the ministry.

How can I become a volunteer?

Go to GMOJoinUs.com to apply.