"Global Media Outreach is perhaps God's most effective tool yet to allow every person on planet Earth to hear about and to know Jesus Christ. It is certainly a fulfillment of a dream of Bill Bright."

—Vonette Bright Campus Crusade for Christ

"Every so often God provides an even better way to tell the world about the love and forgiveness offered by Christ. Global Media Outreach is using God's electronic Roman Road ... the Internet ... to reach literally hundreds of thousands of seekers with the gospel each day, in many languages and in most counties of the world. It is no wonder that GMO has grown to be the largest evangelistic and discipleship ministry in the world in just several years, and I am excited God has provided this opportunity to the body of Christ to help fulfill the Great Commission at such a critical time in missions history. I am glad to give GMO my full endorsement."

—Josh McDowell Ministry

"We believe that our Lord desires to use the growing influence and power of the internet to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with men, women and young people around the world. We thank Him for the many contributions of Global Media Outreach to empower churches by involving their members to become actively engaged in helping to fulfill the Great Commission through the ministry of the Internet."

—Paul Cedar, Chairman Mission America Coalition

"Our partnership with Global Media Outreach has further opened our eyes to the growing potential and power of online evangelism to reach individuals around the world for Jesus Christ. We are encouraged by their Kingdom mindset and have seen many people come to faith in Christ as a result of our cooperative efforts."

—Luis Palau President, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

"The growing influence of the Internet has opened up unprecedented new opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus and make disciples worldwide. Global Media Outreach is a leading pioneer in Internet evangelism and discipleship. They are helping local churches to mobilize thousands of volunteer Online Missionaries toward the fulfillment of the Great Com- mission. The response they are seeing to the Gospel message on scores of websites is truly remarkable across the globe."

—Paul Eshleman Founder, The Jesus Film Project

"Our online missionaries allow our church to minister to people worldwide each and every day. Our Forestville Church families minister together, reaching out from their home computers to the world that Jesus loves and died for. . . to people who are seeking Jesus. I truly believe that technology through computers and cell phones is the most effective entry point and communication port to the people of this 21st century world. This is one of the most important things I've ever done."

—Pastor Rob Jackson Forestville Baptist Church, Greenville, South Carolina

"In a day when scores of countries are closed to the gospel and missionaries are forbidden or restricted, God has provided a way to share the Good News across every border or other barrier. In the 21st century closed doors are wide open due to Internet evangelism and the online missionary"

—Steve Douglass President, Campus Crusade for Christ