Christian Growth Index

Measuring Life Transformation

How can you know if lives are transformed through online evangelism and discipleship? GMO has established the Christian Growth Index to measure spiritual growth in our respondents. We have contacted those who indicated "Yes" to find out where they are in their spiritual growth. The results of these studies are noted below in our Christian Growth Index.

"Our partnership with Global Media Outreach has further opened our eyes to the growing potential and power of online evangelism to reach individuals around the world for Jesus Christ. We are encouraged by their Kingdom mindset and have seen many people come to faith in Christ as a result of our cooperative efforts."

—Luis Palau President, Luis Palau Evangelistic Association

More Than 100,000 Responses To Christian Growth Index Study

GMO's study conducted throughout 2011 resulted in over 105,000 responses in both English and Spanish languages. The study was conducted through both computer and mobile phone with people at least three months after they indicated a first time decision for, or recommitment to Jesus Christ as a result of visiting one of our GMO evangelism websites. This study was also conducted in 2010.

The Christian Growth Index studies were developed by a committee that includes a former President of a Fortune 500 company, technology executive, executive pastor of a 15,000 member church, and head of a non-profit organization. A member of the committee, Steve Cooper, Former Executive Vice President, Powerwave Technologies noted, "We also compared the 2009 GMO survey data with data published by Barna. We found that the GMO survey results worldwide are comparable or better than results reported by Barna on what is happening in established North American Churches. This was very encouraging to us."